LIVE AT (group)


About Live At

Intelligentsia Gallery is thrilled to present Live At, a group project featuring Luan Xueyan, Garcia Frankowski, Zhu Liye, Wang Shuai, Kang Jing, Megumi Shimizu, Oliver Haidutschek , Dai Liang, Chen Xi, Liang Ban, Xin Yunpeng, Luo Wei, Li Meng, Alessandro Rolandi, Geng Xue, Li Binyuan, Shao Yinong, Jia Chun, Yu Bogong, Liu Chengrui, Zhao Xin, Jason Mena, Double Fly Art Center, Jin shan, Ma Yongfeng, Ophelia S. Chan, Hu Qingyan, Charlott Markus, USB Art Group, and Niko de la Faye

Live At is not a regular exhibition. It is a group project. In Live At to solely show is not the goal. The exhibition will take different forms in order to construct new conditions. Live At aims at exploring the relationship between art and social reality, art and space, art and the audience, art and the commonplace.

Guest curated by Xia Yanguo, the exhibition invites more than thirty international artists to create 24-hour shows. Live At is not a simple objectification of art. Live At aims at engaging with the public establishing new relationships between the artist and the audience.

A series of interviews will take place in different forms as artists engage with the audience, curator, and other artists with the intention of generating a dialogue and exploring the concepts behind the project. The resulting interviews will take form in a documentary about the Live At, using the Internet as a platform for breaking through the limitations of time and space.