About Pixel Park - Contemporary Video Art Exhibition

MadeIn Company will present a contemporary video art exhibition—Pixel Park curated by Lu Pingyuan and Jenny Chen on September 20th, 2016. As one program of Shanghai Jing’an International Sculpture Project, Pixel Park will display video works of more than twenty artists in the Gate 1 gallery of Sculpture Park.

Pixel Park is a simulated grand view garden of pixels. It forms a contrast between virtuality and reality with Sculpture Park. As the smallest unit of digital images, pixel plays a similar role to that of an individual and the real world. Through the aggregation of these entities a world is created, like pixelated sculptures of consciousness, stacking themselves as dynamic figures on a flat screen. Within the works shown in Pixel Park, the artists all coincidentally present their desire of self-sculpting. In the participation of their body or consciousness, symptoms of the Muse, as a daily myth, become in the images the deep motivation of things individuals want to incorporate into their narratives.

While parks, with their attached features of distribution and scenery - as semi-natural areas in which human temporarily set society aside - become the perfect place for people to implement their daydreams. Now that pixel sceneries replaced natural landscapes, park wandering and exploration have been turned into a spiritual action. When visitors inside the Sculpture Park watch those sculptures, sitting on a bench, they turn into sculptures themselves. Such state of stillness becomes the viewing angle in the Pixel Park. What is implicated, is the changing tendency of the collapsed of individual spaces, after pixels modify the scale of image measurement. Pixel Park precisely is the blueprints of these generated future parks we refer to.