Bio-R Research Institute, founded by artist Luo Wei in 2016, is comprised of members from different areas of the country, including archaeologists, programmers, artists, drama directors, ESP researchers, dancers, actors, musicians, hypnotists. Bio-R plans performances, coordinates art projects, collaborates on pieces, offers artists resources, offers lectures, interviews artists and works with publishers, while providing forums for discussion and feedback, with an emphasis on praxis and improvisation. New concepts of space have theorized that the boundaries between things are not progress or reaction, but on a deep interconnectedness of all things. By looking at the symbiotic relationship between our the natural and man-made environments, as well as the relationship between individuals, we hope to understand whether humans can develop regenerative properties through art. The regeneration talked about here is the renewal of consciousness, physiology, and systematic knowledge, is being able to think old concepts anew--and so our theme is bio-regeneration.

Artist Luo Wei and her Bio-R Institute  present a performance on human evolution from antiquity to the future at the Si shang Art Museum. Corresponding with artistAlex Silva’s self-exploratory, neon-silver-colored triangular sculpture.

Tara’s Offense portrays the world as a projection of our cognition, our psychological machinery components, and the variation of program constituting the universe.. On earth, we experience all themes relating the self―replaying our cassette of the same template until we morph into other forms of existence. The performance revolves around unfolding the multiple identities of one tremendously powerful female god, and further includes characters such as witch, human, and slave etc. Tara Seduction alludes to Plato’s sunken Atlantis―a new cognition born when ceremony, individualism, ruling of the sate apparatus, self and the universe, and the link between truth and deception become a variable, unpredictable and open union. The performance engages the research group’s study of planet revolution, discussion of the human psyche and of different civilizations,races, religions, Shamanism, extraterrestrial civilization, origin of consciousness, and time travel―reworking the inter texture between history and future―arriving eventually at a permanent and stable space of nothingness.

Bio-R institute  /Video,posters ,photos,live performance/2016

What is the content of the study?

The creature here represents the body itself, the field itself. In fact, we are studying some special parts of the body itself. For example, some of our members have the ability to perceive, some people can hear the voice of normal people can not hear, see the past and the future.

How did you get interested in this direction?

I am looking for the real world, because I think the world is false, the real world is not what we see in this world. From the beginning of 2010, I through books, movies, from religion, philosophy and other fields to explore, in the process encountered a lot of people, so the establishment of such a research institute.

What do you know about the real world through the activities of the Institute?

I don't have any definitive conclusions about what the truth is, but it's a step by step to discover some of the body's potential. I also learn astrology and start to see what is the path of our lives. Now I can read some of the information, the perception of the body of others, but also slowly broaden the potential of the body.

We want to explore the meaning of a problem, and there is no real meaning, we follow the meaning of a loophole. For example, religion, some people will go to study these things, find a lot of problems, so that we are looking for loopholes in the meaning, and to fill the hole of meaning, which is looking for the real process. Excerpt from the vice Creators Project.

Bio-R institute /2016

The function of reception room is visitor meeting, communication and dialogue; The “transmission center” is composed of different delivery boxes and shelves, the delivery box is equipped with the co-produced work in which institute members and visitors participated, and it will be sent to collectors; "Ground Class" will be completed on the second flood space by a collaborative effort between the planning designer and the visitor; “Safe Harbor” will invite practitioners in different field such as musicians, hypnotist, astrologers to activate meditation; “Database” will provide visitor with the relate information of “dRoom Project” and “paranormal induction”.---2016 . 10

Group A: multidimensional awareness / energy / planetary astrology and distortion of space perception and building structure / history / religion / show all star healing / brain science / common / indigo children / assist in creating real and true

Group B: social theatre / art movement / continuous dialogue / artistic mechanism / organization production / artist Ontology