What is you will not believe is that ancient ‘I’ was informed the reason why the present ‘I’ should create.

She told me that she came from that planet

Life entity in that planet is similar to white human shape but with longer head. They do not have marriage system. Both masculine and feminine can choose the best-matched soul using their body system. The two parties is capable to identify each other and live together. They have their own aircrafts that could move freely.

They communicate with telepathy with no need for things like mobile phone. Life entity itself is a holographic equipment.
Residents in that planet live much longer than human beings.

planet managed by greater intelligence, populace are totally free under a harmony and co-created environment.
I start to miss my hometown.
I wrote all the thing told by the ancient ‘I’ as a science fiction in which I created stuffs in the star and I named the star as Crystal Planet, while people who know the secret is City-Shaman.

The Crystal Planet is an untouchable dreamland where your arrival will be part of an exploration journey of the star.

about Wave Transmitter

Waver Transmittera brand name of an art projectCrystal Planet initiated by artist Luo Wei in 2014transfers and creates various things such as artworksart products and daily supplies. In the series of City-Shaman elements in artist‘s works are combined with clothingwith its key words of lightnesseaseinterestmicro-sense organelectricitynaturehealthmotionintelligencetechnology alchemy. It is also open to all ages and genders.