Luo Wei graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing in 2012, and co-founded Kong Space Non-profit Art Institute in the same year. She initiated the Crystal Planet Projects in 2014, formed the Biological Renaissance Agenda(BRA) in 2015, and subsequently founded the Bio-R Institute in 2016, founded the art company in 2017. The artist focuses on broadening the premise of the cognitive world and exploring the relation between cognition and material. She collaborates with different types of teams and introduces her creative concepts into various disciplines in society. Her creative mediums include video, sound, painting, installation,performance, game programing, EEG brain control etc.; the content of her work involves science, religion, extraterrestrial civilization, astrology,astronomy, occultism, ESP study, Shamanism, bio-technology etc. She has participated in a number of exhibitions and art projects, such as the biennial“CAFAM• Future”Exhibition—Sub-Phenomena: Report on the State of Chinese Young Art (2015), the HongKong K11 Art Foundation Artist-in-Residency Program (2015), the Kwangju ArtMuseum Artist-in-Residency Program (2015), Biological Renaissance Agenda Performance Tour (2016), the Shanghai Project (2016).  Broad Museum,Michigan ,USA in 2016.CFCCA(2018).UK.


There is the breath of the river of stars, jump lightly ,and connect deeply between any space .